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Release tension

CHAIR MASSAGE allows you to easily access the benefits of massage therapy. The ergonomic chair takes up little space and is easily set up in any location.
Chair massage is suitable for all types of clients. In a few seconds, the massage therapist adjusts the chair for maximum comfort, adapting it to the customer's physiognomy. The participants keep their clothes and no oil is used.
Depending on the package, each massage can last from 10 to 35 minutes. The massage therapist is dedicated to the needs indicated by the client. Generally, the most strained areas of the body, resulting from stress and prolonged working positions, will receive the most attention.
Chair massage brings an invigorating relaxation. It leaves participants in a state of calm, well-being and heightened vigilance. After the massage, they gently get back up and return to work with renewed energy and concentration.

Allow Creativity Flow

chair MASSAGE sur chaise

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